about us

Tilla (n: hill) is a design studio based in Ahmedabad, India that works in the areas of fashion and interior design.
We believe that design can transform everyday living. This means designing for people with real figures and houses with small spaces, last minute travel plans and changing budgets. At the core, our values stem from the handmade and self-reliant nature of village crafts and their ability to adapt to evolving contexts.

We use handwoven Indian textiles like khadi to create clothing that is wearable, elegant and fuss free. Our identity lies in the fabrics that we develop across India, adding contemporary twists to age old heritage crafts. The housewares collection consists of furniture, artwork, lighting and home textiles that bring a feeling of nature indoors through the use of tree prints and natural materials like wood and stone.

Tilla is available in leading design stores across India. Please write to us for more information about our products and stockists.