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Shop blinds and drapery, cushion covers, table linen, and wallpaper from the Wild Garden Project.

Created initially for the Wild Garden Café, Amethyst in the heart of Chennai, designer/illustrator Jisha Unnikrishnan's charcoal and pen & ink botanical drawings were composed into a non-repeating 120 ft panorama without any repeating sections. The inspiration for the panorama came from French painter Henri Rousseau's dream-like pictures and Amethyst’s own tropical garden.

The large-scale artworks were hand-coloured using a variety of media from water colour to pencils, with the addition of birds, animals and more plants to this fantasy garden. These are now available as custom-made wallpaper that can be scaled to different spaces, and have also been adapted to art prints, notebooks, greeting cards, and home textiles.

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Fan Palm with Malabar Trogon | Cushion CoverFan Palm with Malabar Trogon | Cushion Cover
Jackfruit | Cushion CoverJackfruit | Cushion Cover
Banana | Cusion CoverBanana | Cusion Cover
Champa with Langur | Cushion CoverChampa with Langur | Cushion Cover
Fan Palm Print | Table ClothFan Palm Print | Table Cloth
Wildgarden Wallpaper | MonochromeWildgarden Wallpaper | Monochrome
Fan Palm Print | Table Napkins (Set of 6)Fan Palm Print | Table Napkins (Set of 6)
Areca Palm Print | Cushion CoverAreca Palm Print | Cushion Cover
Banana Print | Cushion CoverBanana Print | Cushion Cover
Bamboo Print | Cushion CoverBamboo Print | Cushion Cover
Fan Palm Print | Cushion CoverFan Palm Print | Cushion Cover
Fan Palm Print | Blinds & DraperyFan Palm Print | Blinds & Drapery
Areca Palm Print | Blinds & DraperyAreca Palm Print | Blinds & Drapery
Bamboo Print | Blinds & DraperyBamboo Print | Blinds & Drapery
Banana Print | Blinds & DraperyBanana Print | Blinds & Drapery