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Lakshmi | Occasionwear

Lakshmi, our collection of festive Indian outfits and bespoke bridal wear, is named after the Indian goddess of wealth and beauty. It features rich traditional embroideries such as Zardosi, Ari, and Gota that use gold, silver, and threadwork with other materials such as sequins and beads.

The design language draws strongly from a traditional cultural context, and is informed by an Indian approach and sensibility to luxury. Meticulously crafted by hand, each piece is made to order, allowing for special requests on colour and size.

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Pitta Abho | NeelPitta Abho | Neel
Tilla Home
Pitta Abho | Neel Sale price₹ 55,000.00
Nizam KurtiNizam Kurti
Tilla Home
Nizam Kurti Sale price₹ 24,500.00
Neelam Kurta | BandhaniNeelam Kurta | Bandhani
Tilla Home
Neelam Kurta | Bandhani Sale price₹ 48,500.00
Parijat KurtaParijat Kurta
Tilla Home
Parijat Kurta Sale price₹ 45,000.00
Bel Kurta | EmeraldBel Kurta | Emerald
Tilla Home
Bel Kurta | Emerald Sale price₹ 23,500.00
Light Kutchi AbhoLight Kutchi Abho
Tilla Home
Light Kutchi Abho Sale price₹ 32,500.00
Charbagh Sharara Set | Gold and SilverCharbagh Sharara Set | Gold and Silver
Raheem KurtaRaheem Kurta
Tilla Home
Raheem Kurta Sale price₹ 38,500.00
Dil Kurta | BlackDil Kurta | Black
Tilla Home
Dil Kurta | Black Sale price₹ 45,000.00
Deco Kaftan | WineDeco Kaftan | Wine
Tilla Home
Deco Kaftan | Wine Sale price₹ 39,500.00
Leher Lehenga Set | NaturalLeher Lehenga Set | Natural
Tilla Home
Leher Lehenga Set | Natural Sale price₹ 52,500.00
Abla Kurta | MadderAbla Kurta | Madder
Tilla Home
Abla Kurta | Madder Sale price₹ 38,500.00
Gota Patti Phool Lehenga Set | LavenderGota Patti Phool Lehenga Set | Lavender
Afghan Chogha | MadderAfghan Chogha | Madder
Tilla Home
Afghan Chogha | Madder Sale price₹ 60,000.00
Raheem Bel KurtaRaheem Bel Kurta
Tilla Home
Raheem Bel Kurta Sale price₹ 23,500.00
Keri AbhoKeri Abho
Tilla Home
Keri Abho Sale price₹ 45,000.00
Kutchi AbhoKutchi Abho
Tilla Home
Kutchi Abho Sale price₹ 58,500.00
Afghan Kurta | BlackAfghan Kurta | Black
Tilla Home
Afghan Kurta | Black Sale price₹ 45,000.00
Dil Kurta | NaturalDil Kurta | Natural
Tilla Home
Dil Kurta | Natural Sale price₹ 45,000.00
Tara Lehenga SetTara Lehenga Set
Tilla Home
Tara Lehenga Set Sale price₹ 175,000.00
Afsara JacketAfsara Jacket
Tilla Home
Afsara Jacket Sale price₹ 29,900.00
Pitta Abho | NaturalPitta Abho | Natural
Tilla Home
Pitta Abho | Natural Sale price₹ 55,000.00
Charbagh Sharara Set | SilverCharbagh Sharara Set | Silver
Tilla Home
Charbagh Sharara Set | Silver Sale price₹ 230,000.00
Dori Abho | GrapeDori Abho | Grape
Tilla Home
Dori Abho | Grape Sale price₹ 74,800.00
Chand Kaftan | MossChand Kaftan | Moss
Tilla Home
Chand Kaftan | Moss Sale price₹ 39,500.00
Gota Phool DupattaGota Phool Dupatta
Tilla Home
Gota Phool Dupatta Sale price₹ 130,000.00
Hasan KurtaHasan Kurta
Tilla Home
Hasan Kurta Sale price₹ 47,000.00
Mehrab KurtaMehrab Kurta
Tilla Home
Mehrab Kurta Sale price₹ 25,800.00
Chand Tare AbhoChand Tare Abho
Tilla Home
Chand Tare Abho Sale price₹ 32,500.00
Pako Jacket | NaturalPako Jacket | Natural
Tilla Home
Pako Jacket | Natural Sale price₹ 38,500.00